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Gordon Ramsay Is Reviewing People's Food On Twitter And It's As Brutal As You'd Imagine


Nobody could ever accuse Gordon Ramsay of mincing words, especially when it comes to food. The man isn't one to shy away from a brutal opinion, no matter whose feelings are on the line. Some folks on Twitter tested that out by sharing photos of their food (or food prepared by friends or others close to them) and asked the Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares host to weigh in on how appetizing they are. Predictably, he didn't have too many nice things to say. Scroll through to see some of his most savage responses. Do you agree with his assessment, or is he being too harsh?

Gordon Ramsay is probably the funniest person on television right now — except for the leader of the free world, obviously. He might also be the funniest person on Twitter — with the same exception, of course. You see, people are currently sending him their attempts at making delicious food, and in true Ramsay fashion, he's being anything but kind.