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The Future Of Oral Sex Has Arrived, And It Involves Licking Your Phone

The Future Of Oral Sex Has Arrived, And It Involves Licking Your Phone
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1 year ago

When it comes to advancements in technology, you can bet that the first thing people are going to use these new breakthroughs for is sex.

Whether it's high definition video formats, virtual reality, or even special robotic gloves - people will find a way to do the nasty with them.

I mean how else do you explain this two-way virtual blowjob device? Sadly however, women were left out of the equation, until now.

Because Camsoda's O-Cast is creating what they call "the iTunes of oral sex for women."

The webcam platform is allowing users to upload oral sex sessions onto its website for users to download and use with their Love Lush bluetooth vibrator.

And you record these sessions by licking your phone.

Yes, which sounds nasty if you consider just how insanely dirty most people's phones are. Of course, you could use your fingers, a q-tip, or even a rubber eraser, but to get the most authentic virtual cunnilingus experience, you gotta be willing to put tongue to screen.

Each session costs 99 cents to download from Camsoda's site, and there are tons of uploads from pro porn stars to amateurs available.

The website's offering the downloads for free until the end of March, however, in honor of Women's History Month.

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