SkipTheDishes Canceled Woman's Job Interview After She Asked About Pay



The main reason we all work is money. Now, that doesn't mean you have to just show up and collect a paycheck. You're going there to actually earn your money, so putting in the work and rocking that job is definitely on you.

But that doesn't mean that just because you're working a "crappy" job, that you should be grateful just to have it. No, you're working that job and earning that money, so it's not crazy to want to know how much money or what benefits come with the job if you're offered it, right? Especially in today's competitive job market and rising cost of living, people have valid reason to apply for jobs strategically when it comes to potential income.

However, this one company, Skip the Dishes was apparently insulted that a potential employee even asked that question.

So insulted, that they canceled the job interview altogether after this woman asked about the wages and benefits they were offering.

That's when Taylor Byrnes posted screenshots of her conversation and called to boycott Skip the Dishes.

The company suggested that because she wanted to know how much she might earn, that it was somehow not part of the company's culture.

They went in further detail with a follow up email that made the whole thing worse.

Appalled by the response Taylor received, Twitter immediately called to join in on the boycott.

They started notifying news agencies of Skip the Dishes' response to Taylor's simple inquiry.

Some people were on the side of the company, saying that Taylor was out of line asking about money so early on.

Others saw it as totally unprofessional on Skip the Dishes' side.

People pointed out that talking about compensation in the early stages isn't really that big of a deal.

Others wanted to know at what stage of the interview process Taylor was in.

She pointed out that she was in round 2, so it would make sense for her to bring up compensation.

Taylor's tweet caught the attention of the company, who immediately tried to put out the fire.

People seemed to think that there was nothing the company could do to repair their image.

Until someone suggested that a sincere apology could do the trick.

Because at the end of the day, is it really that crazy to ask someone you're working for how much they plan on paying you?

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