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Seagull Photobombs Girl's Picture While Stealing Her Ice Cream Cone


Sometimes it's easy to forget that animals can't help stealing food. I mean, it's basically in their nature as a means of survival to look for opportunities to eat when they can, right?

Let's be real. 100% of what they do is pretty much motivated by food and self-preservation. So yeah, I could be mad at my sister's cat for taking my pizza off the dining room table when I stepped into the kitchen to get some crushed garlic, but who's really to blame here? The animal that doesn't know when, or if, it's going to have a meal in the future? Or the human (AKA, me) that was dumb enough to turn his back on a delicious slice, all the while knowing a pizza thief was lurking about?

And if you've ever experienced an animal attack on unsuspecting food, then you know how rare of an occurrence it is: more often, it happens when you're not looking.