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This School Is 'Tattooing' Kids Who Run Low On Lunch Money And We're Horrified

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you want to piss off a super rich politician who's backed by corporations, tell them that our tax dollars are feeding children in public schools.

From Betsy DeVos to Paul Ryan, there are more than a few Republicans out there who seem to have it out for hungry kids. So much so that free-lunch and snack programs are being cut because, well, I guess these kids' parents should just make more money to give them food and teach them about proper nutrition. Never mind the fact that many students from low-income areas rely on these meals as the primary source of their nutrition. Never mind the fact that when I worked in the school system, I had kids confess to me that they kind of dreaded the weekends and school breaks because they didn't know how they were going to get their next meals.

Despite the fact that the US could totally afford it, school districts are being forced to become more and more strict with enforcing their lunch payment policies, so they've developed some pretty creative ways to make sure kids aren't getting grub. For example, swipe cards with account balances, or not allowing kids to have hot lunches unless their payments are up-to-date. This leads to an upsetting reality: if you're unfortunate enough to be low-income and in public school, you could very well be "lunch-shamed."