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This Restaurant Banned Kids Under 5 Years Old And Business Is Booming Despite Outrage

By Mustafa Gatollari

I kind of dread taking my son out to eat, mostly because it's like pulling a random cat out of a bag - you just never know what kind of cat you're going to get.

Are you going to get a well-behaved, nice cat who wants to sit down patiently and eat their food? Or you gonna get a grumpy one who keeps jumping up onto the table knocking everything over? Are you going to get a cat that wants to claw your face off every time you try and suggest they not act like a piece of crap?

It's really not a fun experience and one that I like to try and avoid. On the rare occasions he is a good boy (and manages to sit still for a whole 30 minutes, which is incredible) I try and remember that behavior like that isn't the norm and I do my best to limit the amount of time he spends flailing and crying (I'll take him outside the restaurant to let my friends and wife enjoy their meals in peace) so as not to disturb the other people who paid good money for their meals.