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Teen Roasts Friend Who Tried To Pressure Her Into Sending Nude Pictures

By Mustafa Gatollari

I don't know why guys constantly ask girls for nude photos. I mean, I get when you're dating someone and things are going great and you want some naughty picks to help tide you over until you can get alone time with your significant other. That's fine.

But the crazy amount of dudes who are constantly asking nudes from women on various dating apps, messaging services, and social media is just insane. Whenever I talk to my female friends about it, many of them say they've become desensitized to the sheer amount of dudes who are constantly trolling them for nude photos.

What's possibly even more annoying, however, is when guys who are friends or acquaintances of women try and make a move and casually ask for nudes out of nowhere. And it's super disrespectful of a friendship. Sure, your friend might be attractive, but that doesn't mean you try to cop a feel or sneak a peek at them while they're naked just because you think you can get away with it. That's called being a scumbag.