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Source: Twitter: Kenny Wassus

Unsuspecting Mom Signs Her Therapy Dog Up For A Furry Convention


A beautiful truth is that we never get too old to experience new things. If you're open minded and try to get out there, there are all kinds of opportunities to discover parts of the world and communities you never even knew existed. Just like this guy's mom did when she took her dog Link to the Motor City Furry Convention last week. 

Senior producer at New York Media, Kenny Wassus, shared these delightful images of Link having an out-of-body experience on Twitter, as he's surrounded by humans in dog costumes, sent to him by his mother, Cheryl Wassus. Cheryl works for Pets For Vets, an animal therapy group for war veterans. 

The Furry Con had chosen Pets For Vets as their charity, because dressing up and hanging out in a banquet hall isn't enough of an event in itself, apparently. NY Mag reports that the Con raised about $10,000 for the organization, as well as raising Cheryl's awareness about certain subcultures. She gave a very funny interview about her experience, seeming respectful yet amused.