This Police Department Has A Controversial Plan To Catch People On 4/20



Today is 4/20, an international holiday for stoners everywhere, even though the date only makes sense in American formatting; it's 20/4 everywhere else. And while the United States is slowly embracing the green, there's no doubt that a few people will get in trouble today for celebrating the holiday. 

Munchies aside, one of stoners favorite things about smoking weed are the ridiculous conversations that come up when a group of people are blasted and just sharing ridiculous thoughts and telling insane stories while vegging out on the couch. It still won't stop most of the cravings cause eventually you'll crave to the temptations.

Just take the Wyoming, Minnesota police department, who have come up with a pretty clever trap to try and catch some stoners. 

But there is a pretty important message behind the photo. 

Most Twitter users found the joke hilarious.

Others weren't so impressed. 

What do you think? It's obvious whoever is running this departments account is pretty clever. They'll have to try hard to come up with a prank that'll beat this year. We're still wondering if they actually caught anyone though. It's be hard to pass up the chance to snag some free snacks even if it wasn't 4/20. 

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