This Forgotten 'Flintstones' Theme Park Is Full Of Creepy Nostalgia



I used to hate watching The Flintstones when I was a kid, basically because it was a cartoon version of The Honeymooners, and laugh tracks in a cartoon just seemed unnatural.

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't leave the TV on in the background while I was playing with my action figures. As a result, I became well acquainted with the show's world and its characters.

To the point that whenever I see Flintstones characters, I tend to get nostalgic and think of them fondly, even if I didn't particularly like the show.

Which is why seeing these photos of a desolate Flintstones theme park, Bedrock City, is a such a trip.

Forgotten Places Photography is a Facebook page that specializes in captivating photos of abandoned locations, turning them into modern-day relics, and they managed to snap a few photos of this cool forgotten park at night.

This old-school roadside attraction based on the popular series is situated between Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

Bedrock City is still open 364 days a year (it's only closed on Christmas Day) and is used as an RV park and campground for tourists and temporary visitors.

The buildings look like they were ripped straight from the TV show; they're painted in bright colors and appear to be carved out of stone.

Fred and Wilma's house is even a proper abode and you can walk right inside. Not sure if there are any live dinosaurs that function as appliances in there, however.

If you'd rather check out the neighbors, the Rubbles, then that's open to visitors, too.

Bedrock City first opened its doors in 1972. Due to its isolated location, however, most of its employees were let go.

In its heyday, employees would walk around in costumes dressed up as the characters and it was packed with your typical theme park fare, including food and rides.

Most of those have gone the way of the dinosaur by now, though, and all that's left are these retro statues and structures. 

The Fredmobile Tram still takes guests around the park, if you're interested in going for a ride, however.

And if you wanted to go down the Brontosaurus Slide (YES), you can totally do that and feel like Fred clocking out of work for the day.

If you're a fan of the show but are also just a sucker for old-timey American tourist sites, then there's a lot to check out in this all but abandoned theme park.

One family even took a pretty detailed video walk through of the park, so if you're not planning on taking a trip to Arizona any time soon, you can still experience Bedrock City.

Anyone down for a road trip? (h/t forgotten places photography | phlash phelps phunny pharm)

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