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This New Tiny Ear Tattoo Fad Makes Hiding Body Art From Mom So Easy



Maybe you're not quite ready to jump into inking up a part of your body that everyone can see, like, directly on your face. How about to the side of your face, in a place that it's pretty difficult for even you to look at?  Seems to be really popular among people who want to look like a soundcloud rapper. Seriously are full out face tattoos ever a good idea? Like even One? 

If you like that idea, you'll love helix tattoos, or tiny secret tattoos along the outer or inner ear, sometimes dipping as far down as the lobe. Instagram is full of photos of this new trend, and it's pretty clear why:

Obviously, because you can hide them from your mom! Or boss, or anyone else who might try to police your look. Just put your hair down and, ta da! All gone. The size and location may seem limiting, but I was soon lost in an Instagram frenzy of ear tattoos that ranged from minimalistic lines to elaborate flowers to the more conceptual. 

I tried to restrain myself, but I've probably shared too many below, and that still barely scratched the surface. Of the trend that is, the tattoos go much deeper than the surface.

If you want to do more than scroll through the #eartattoo trend on Instagram and get one of these for yourself, buyer beware: they fade relatively quickly, especially if you use bright colors. It's also a pretty sensitive area, so either have a high pain tolerance or have a very tiny and cute tattoo planned:

Can you see yourself getting ear ink? It certainly would be the the easy way to hide a tattoo from an unsuspecting parent but maybe it isn't your cup of tea.

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