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YouTube Family ‘DaddyOFive’ Loses Custody Of Two Children Over 'Prank' Videos


Last month, a popular YouTube family known as DaddyOFive became the center of child abuse allegations. Mike and Heather Martin post regular videos of the couple pranking their children to over 800,000 followers. 

The allegations surround a seven-minute long video which has since been deleted. In the video, the couple spilled disappearing ink on one of their children’s carpet. They then proceeded to call the child to the bedroom, and berated him for doing it, while the tearful kid wailed. 

Popular vlogger Phil DeFranco posted a video in which he highlighted more of the couple's controversial videos and called them child abusers. As backlash ensued, YouTube deleted the video and the Martins posted a video saying the pranks were all in fun. They added that the accusations had “torn them apart” and that they were categorically false.