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Source: iStock

Man Sues American Airlines After 'Suffering Injuries' From Overweight Passengers

By Mark Pygas

There's no disputing that in most of the Western world, waistlines are getting bigger. In the space of a decade, the average American waist circumference has increased by an inch. And despite this, airlines seem to be trying to cram as many people onto planes as possible. It was recently revealed that American Airlines plans to reduce the size of seat pitches by two inches in their new 737 Max jetliner to fit three extra rows of seats on the planes.

It shouldn't comes as a surprise then that an Australian man is suing American Airlines for $100,000 AUD ($74,000 USD) claiming that he received serious injuries after being seated next to two passengers he claims were “grossly obese.” 

According to court documents, Michael Anthony Taylor, of Wollongong, New South Wales, was seated in the window seat of economy class on a 14 hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. According to the lawsuit, the body of the passenger next to Taylor “spilt over and encroached” into his seat, forcing Taylor to “contort his body into a series of positions including standing up, crouching, keeling and leaning forward.”