Gordon Ramsay Complimented Someone's Cooking On Twitter And People Are Freaking Out



Gordon Ramsay is one of the funniest people on television right now. He's known for being pretty straightforward with people on their cooking skills. In fact he's made a career out of it. It seems like every time we turn around he's got a new show where he lays into people For some reason, America seems to love being told their cooking terrible by an angry British man. Luckily on his Master Chef Kids show he's a lot more laid back as we can imagine getting told you aren't going to cut it at age 7 might be a little jarring for most kids. It does seem for the most part though the world just loves taking a lashing -- So much so that people are now sharing their cooking with Ramsay on Twitter to see what he thinks, and he's not holding back... 

Ad as you might expect, he's absolutely brutal. Just take a look at some of the responses people have gotten from him...

It's just like Kitchen Nightmares. Except...somehow worse cause people are just asking to get laid into for their bad (disastrous even!) cooking monstrosities. Seems like a reach if you ask us...

But now, Gordon Ramsay has actually given someone a good review, and people don't know how to react. It was so out of left field people were just flabbergasted: 

And it looks like that's settled it. She's found a new love of her life.

Twitter has no idea how to react, though. 

Hell's Kitchen has frozen over. Now we hope Gordon doesn't go off the deep end and think he can suddenly just be mr. nice guy, but it's a nice change of pace to see him finally giving some compliments out. 

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