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Trader Joe's Customer Goes On Racist Rant Against Muslim Woman In Virginia


My sister used to wear a headscarf and since we lived in Northern New Jersey, we weren't really used to discrimination because it's a pretty ethnically diverse area. Potholes, yes. Racism? Not so much.

But I do remember one time walking in a Walmart with my younger sister and some old white lady passed by us, mumbling something to herself. She looked at me and my sister when she said it. My good-boy upbringing kicked in and I thought, "Hey, this old woman needs some assistance, I should help her." 

It wasn't until I leaned in and asked her if she was OK that I heard her saying, with a grimace on her face as she looked at my sister, "Good Christian country, right? America's supposed to be a good Christian country. Look at you!"

The disgust she felt for my sister was palpable and I really couldn't think of anything to say except, "ignorance" as I shook my head.