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19 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Ever Worked Retail


Working retail tends to be the absolute worst. While most customers just want to get in and out with whatever they've paid for, there are those few customers every day that make you want to quit. And you have to deal with them for minimum wage. Things only seem to get worse during the holiday season when stressed-out customers vent their frustrations on employees who are not to blame for you decision to wait until the last minute to finish up your gift list — or you know, not shop online from the comfort of your own home to avoid the mad rush. Did we mention working retail is the worst? 

Working retail as a teenager will prepare you for life pretty well. You have to deal with jerks, have your dreams crushed, and all while earning a wage that is impossible to live on. If you've ever had the displeasure of working retail, these tweets will be all too familiar...