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Student Posts Photo Of Herself With Sword After College Locks Down Over Glue Gun


Earlier this month, Colgate University in New York shut down for several hours after a suspected shooter was reported on campus. SWAT teams descended on the campus only to discover that the "gunman" was an African American student with a glue gun. Thankfully, he was unharmed, but the university admitted that it had made "mistakes, some significant" in their handling of the situation.  

The next morning, the campus security director, Bill Ferguson, was placed on administrative leave. After the lockdown, students and staff had a meeting in which many stated that they believed the college had overreacted because of the man's race. 

"The words from the administration at that meeting: 'It was probably racially motivated,'" Lundt told Buzzfeed. "How, after that entire hour in the chapel with members of our community talking about how they were affected, are you going to turn around and dismiss all of their experiences with a 'probably'?" 

In the aftermath of the incident, student Jenny Lundt decided to share a photo of herself carrying a sword on the campus to make a point about what she calls "white privilege."