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Dad Raises $25,000 To Pay Off Lunch Debt At 99 Schools

By Mark Pygas

At schools across the country, an outstanding lunch balance can mean that children will be refused a hot meal and have to eat a sandwich. It's called lunch shaming, and it went viral after several cafeteria workers quit over the issue

But one dad is determined to stop it. Seattle parent Jeffery Lew decided to ensure every  student at his son's school was debt-free. After finding out that the total amount of debt was $97.10, he decided to start a GoFundMe page to find parents willing to help. 

Since Lew posted the fundraiser 10 days ago, it's surpassed that goal somewhat, raising $25,973 as of the time of writing. So now, Lew has been able to pay off debt for all students at Seattle Public Schools —  the largest K-12 school district in the state of Washington, which amounted to $20,531.79.