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Father Replaces Son's Cardboard Video Game Console With Real One As A Surprise


I'm kind of a curmudgeon. I get down in the dumps about life a lot and these bouts of depression happen at some of the worst possible moments, like when I was recently on vacation in Miami with my family. I'd get out of it every time, but it's something that I struggled with every single hour.

Like, I'm jogging along a gorgeous beach, the weather is amazing, my family's incredible, and the air feels great, people are smiling all around me, I have no responsibilities to worry about in the moment but I still have to manually force myself to have a good time. I literally have to pretend to have fun for minutes and minutes to get going, until I have eventually just have fun with the fact that I'm so miserable for no reason... Which weirdly makes me start to feel better.

What really got me out of my funk, however, was seeing how happy my young son was at this little kid's water park. At first he was kinda scared, but after he started running around and splashing with the other kids, he lifted his hands into the sky and just started screaming out of happiness. He couldn't process his joy. He ran to me, kissed my leg, then went back into this weird, primal happy dance that I can't even begin to describe. I have to admit, I started crying a bit and it made my entire vacation so worth it because, as corny as it sounds, being partly responsible for that amount of joy made me feel really, really good.