Fans Can't Stop Hating On ABC's 'Dirty Dancing' TV Remake



There's a problem with most movies today in that they're remakes of classic films that were limited by tech or cheesy acting of the era they were originally shot in. It's an even bigger problem if you're trying to remake a classic that millions have seen and love till this day and have to cut a few corners in the process. It becomes an astronomical issue when early leaks have people on Twitter calling the movie a train wreck before even seeing it and not considering the feedback you've gotten from your target audience before releasing it. Enter Dirty Dancing.

The year was 1987. The dancing was dirty. So dirty, in fact, that there needed to be a movie about it. Cue Patrick Swayze. Cue Jennifer Gray. Cue greatness. And that greatness is the film Dirty Dancing.

The movie captured the hearts and minds of people everywhere, mostly due to some iconic scenes, like this one:

And who could forget this dance move? Heck, even Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did it in a completely different movie decades later and it was still awesome.

I could go on and on about what makes the original so incredible, but that's not the point. The point is that any successful movie or series eventually gets watered down in some form or another. Whether it be needless sequels, lame TV shows, or too many spin-offs. The lowest common denominator of "milking," however, has to be the dreaded made-for-TV movie. Remember when The Shining was turned into a miniseries? Yeah, there's probably a reason you don't. 

So, it comes as no surprise that fans of the original Dirty Dancing weren't too thrilled with the ABC remake of Emile Ardolino's masterpiece.

And they dragged it on Twitter.

People just couldn't bring themselves to pretend to enjoy it.

Some pointed out just how much it didn't live up to the original.

Others were just upset.

Others weren't happy with the liberties that were taken with the remake.

Others just couldn't stop laughing at how bad the movie is.

Some people offered sound advice.

This is a very apt parallel between the two films, if you ask me:

It's just not a good movie.

For some, it wasn't all bad, though.

At least it's got that going for it?

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