Shaq Showed His Feet Live On Air And People Were Traumatized



There are some infamous TV moments that will always go down in history. Like that time a contestant on The Newlywed Game accidentally talked about anal sex, or this amazing moment from Survivor.

People tend to forget that although famous celebrities may have all the money in the world, there are just some things about them that they either don't want to or don't care to change. The idea behind it is that they've gone their whole lives with this 'deformity' or somewhat shocking deviation from the norm.

This is probably more common in athletes who push their bodies to extremes, often times for years, and have balances or accumulated trauma in a specific region that simply doesn't look all that right by the time they're done. They can go their whole careers with no one batting an eye so long as the area isn't affected by injury, but once retirement comes, usually the fun facts about what years in a sport has done to them does as well. We're not talking some petty details like how some actresses have their hands pointed out for looking weird while they clap. Read on and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Then there are some gross things that you just can't unsee, and I blame Fear Factor for a lot of those moments. For instance, I'm still traumatized by watching people eat extra large dung beetles or boiled antelope brains.

And the latest in unseeable, unforgettable on-air grossness doesn't come from a nasty food challenge or a misunderstanding about newlywed sex.

It comes courtesy of Shaq's feet.

The NBA Hall of Famer put his size 22 foot on full display during the Cavs game this past Thursday night and well, people were horrified.

Like, really horrified.

They just couldn't comprehend his big toe.

They couldn't get over how mangled they looked.

Some people made unwelcome food comparisons...

Others thought they looked ancient.

Others just wanted him to get help.

His feet became part of a cruel, worst-case scenario game.

They were so bad, his own son went on Twitter to apologize for them on behalf of the family.

As mangled as they look, respect to Shaq for being brave enough to put them out there on TV, knowing full well he'd be roasted. I would get upset if someone even pointed out my stretch marks, let alone a toe that looks like a can opener.

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