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This Cigarette-Smoking Rabbit Has The Internet Puzzled


Generally we all recognize bad habits for what they are, though you'll regularly find people that get very defensive when asked about them and have a set of reasons ready to fire. Thing is, if a kid is seen doing that same habit or an animal (think of the things people have exposed monkeys to and put online) were spotted doing it, they would recognize it as abuse and admit to how bad it is.

We've seen videos of people giving alcohol to monkeys with folks cackling away at the primate for not being able to climb a tree and laying down on the ground hungover and disoriented much like many of us have been in the past. We've also seen videos of children smoking cigarettes, somehow blowing smoke rings better than seasoned nicotine addicts, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone thinking it was a good idea.

The point is that if you want to mess up your own body, by all means go ahead and do it far away from everyone else and suffer the consequences on your own. If on the other hand you're planning on exposing an innocent animal, child, or anything that otherwise wouldn't know any better, then please consider walking into the nearest intersection instead.

Sometimes though an animal will manage to break into a distillery and get hammered on its own, or steal a pack of smokes from someone's dad and somehow learn how to light up. Some pet owners have even showed up to the vet after their pets ate a batch of pot brownies or other drug-infused edibles, panicking and holding them tightly while the poor puppy or kitty has a really bad trip and completely lose control of their bodies for a few hours, not knowing what the consequences of their gluttony were going to be. We don't know if the stuff is poisonous to them, but clearly the trip isn't appreciated by any animal that goes on one.

It's been a stressful year. So stressful that even the wildlife is picking up bad habits. Twitter user Louise Acheson was recently at Dublin Airport in Ireland when she spotted a rabbit bolting across the parking lot. And he appeared to be puffing on a cigarette... 

Twitter seemed to feel the animal's pain.