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Student Receives Graduation Gift From Grandmother Who Died 14 Years Ago


Graduation is always a time to be celebrated, whether it means the end of having a fixed schedule that dictates your movement by buzzer for the first quarter of your life, or if it means the end of accruing debt for any more semesters so you can start paying the ones you have off for the rest of your life. Friends and especially family are elated as well, especially your parents and if you're lucky enough to have them, grandparents. They've seen you from the very start, struggling with your ABCs all the way to panicking about SAT scores, learning the quadratic formula, and making sure your report sounded different enough from the wikipedia sources you've been citing throughout the whole thing.

Students across the country are graduating this summer, and all that hard work is worth it when you're rolling in the cash from family members. But for those who have lost someone, graduation can be a difficult reminder. Thankfully, Twitter user Kayla Buckmaster's grandmother thought 14 years ahead, and got her granddaughter a graduation gift when she was 4-years-old...