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High Schools Are Teaching Kids To Make Their Own Hoverboards

High Schools Are Teaching Kids To Make Their Own Hoverboards
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1 year ago

So apparently high school shop class has replaced making lame wooden clocks with DIY hoverboards.

I don't know when this phenomenon began, but if you go on Twitter, tons of high school students are tweeting videos of these amazing creations.

Although they all look different (they're DIY, after all) they all seem to have one piece of equipment in common: a vacuum cleaner motor.

I only have one question:

Where the heck were DIY hoverboards when I was in high school?

Why wasn't I racing these in the gym with my friends?

What was I doing wasting my time cutting open frogs?

Why was I memorizing the periodic table?

Why was I learning physics "theory" and its applications to engineering instead of actually doing it?

I mean I'm happy for these kids, but at the same time, I'm intensely jealous.

Some of these creations are really complex.

Others are super simple, but equally cool and fun.

Apparently, making small hovercrafts is pretty easy.

And if you've got a bit more time and patience, building a larger one you can actually ride doesn't seem all that hard, either.

That looks like a drunken Saturday afternoon project if I ever saw one.

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