Woman Plummets Down Open Basement Door While On Cell Phone



Phone addiction isn't just annoying to deal with: it could be deadly.

Just ask the record number of drivers who were killed in car accidents driving while distracted from their cell phones.

The numbers are so disconcerting that even major tech companies like Apple are doing their part to try to crack down on distracted driving.

But it turns out that being glued to your cell phone can be dangerous in other situations, too, like simply walking.

Like this 67-year-old woman who fell six feet down into an open basement while walking on a city street in New Jersey.

Two young women reached out to help, but realized it was too late.

Source: facebook

The woman's legs were already up in the air as she crashed down onto the stairs.

A barber who witnessed the woman fall across the street from his shop confirmed she was distracted by her phone.

"She was looking at her phone — the last minute — she hit the door and fell right in," Martin Delgadillo told NBC Washington.

Although it's pretty clear from the video that she seems absorbed by the device in her hand.

People on Facebook can't stop shaking their heads at the woman. Some think she's looking for a lawsuit.

Others are surprised accidents like this don't happen more often.

Have you ever stopped a distracted text-and-walker from walking into oncoming traffic, or falling down a sewer hole, or sending a really crappy tinder message to someone they matched with? You're a hero, basically.

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