Teen Boys Respond To Heat Wave By Wearing Skirts To School



As summer closes in every year, it always seems like school is the hottest place to be.  Most schools don't have air conditioning in a lot of the rooms.  It is one reason I used to love the computer lab when I was younger because it was always cold in there.  But even though the temperature really gets turned up, and people are sitting there learning for hours, most schools have dress codes that have to be adhered to.  A lot of schools do not like their young men wearing shorts, no matter how hot it is.  Wearing pants on a brutally hot day and just sitting there probably does not help the learning process.  It is hard to think about anything else besides how hot it is outside and inside and focusing on anything else can be near impossible at times.  Sometimes, it appears, our best thinking comes in our most desperate times.  

Teenage boys at Isca Academy in Exeter in Devon, England requested to wear shorts in the face of the current heat wave. Something that the headmaster of their school reportedly refused to acquiesce to, maintaining that all boys needed to wear pants, regardless of the heat. 

So the boys decided to do something that a lot of men who aren't being allowed to wear shorts in "professional" environments are doing: they started rocking skirts.

Twitter got wind of the news, and people were all about the skirt-wearing protest.

Some also applauded that the protest was more about a "practical" reaction to a "stupid" dress code.

Others, however, weren't too fond of the initiative and think they'd do better to "tow the line."

Others had reactions to that.

Do you think this is a good way to beat the heat?

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