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Google Maps Captured This Act Of Petty Revenge Against A Controversial Neighbor

By Aimee Lutkin

Neighbors are an interesting breed.  We can't choose them and its a coin flip on what you're going to get.  Sometimes, you can get some really amazing people that you forge life long friendships with, even when one of you moves away.  But that is probably few and far between.  Most likely, your neighbor probably doesn't necessarily share the same values and beliefs as you do, and that is putting it mildly.  Sometimes, it really might create a situation of extreme tension and sometimes, when acting on that tension, some very interesting things happen.  We can't help the way we feel and we definitely can't help the way we react to those feelings, especially when someone could live about 100 feet away.  

A post on Reddit is blowing up featuring an image of petty revenge, seemingly exacted by an angry neighbor via lawnmower. The picture posted shows the words "a hole" sculpted lovingly into the grass, with an arrow pointing at the accused. Maybe "ahole" is one word?

This isn't even the first time someone has found a picture of the angry grass clippings on Google Maps, and there is even a story about the longstanding feud in the local paper, Peninsula Daily News. The lawn and the house it's mad at are located in Sequim, WA. The supposed "ahole" built a multi-car garage with an apartment on top, then painted the whole thing bright purple. The PDN shared a photo, and personally I think it looks nice, but people around the house complain it reflects lavender light into their homes. I guess....that's bad?