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Source: Twitter

Couple Uses Baby Carrier To Sneak Food Into Movies And The Internet Can't Handle It

By Aimee Lutkin

Twitter user @Barrington_14 shared what looks like a Snapchat story to his feed that is going wildly viral, because it shows incredible innovation in the field of sneaking in snacks to the movies. Concession stands often sell popcorn prices that feel outrageous. And if you want a soda, then you better save up all week. We all have our ways of getting a tasty treat into the theater, from trench coats, to oversized bags, to very tall hats. 

But do you happen to have a baby carrier laying around?

@Barrington_14's friends filled that carrier with Ccoca-Cola and nibbles and got into that theater without a blink from the ticket taker. The responses are full of people who are both critical and inspired, as is usual for the Internet: