Couple Uses Baby Carrier To Sneak Food Into Movies And The Internet Can't Handle It


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:19 p.m. ET

When you get into a relationship, you are opening up your wall of trust with another person.  Sometimes, this is not very easy, but other times, that person shares a lot of the same loves and beliefs as you do and you form a great team, doing a lot of things that you might not have been able to do on your own.  Other times, two people who were like Macgyver alone, join forces and come up with some epic life hacks.  

For instance, Twitter user @Barrington_14 shared what looks like a Snapchat story to his feed that is going wildly viral, because it shows incredible innovation in the field of sneaking in snacks to the movies. Concession stands often sell popcorn prices that feel outrageous. And if you want a soda, then you better save up all week. We all have our ways of getting a tasty treat into the theater, from trench coats, to oversized bags, to very tall hats. 

But do you happen to have a baby carrier laying around?

Now baby carriers are great inventions, taking the stress off of your muscles, while still lugging your kid around places.  Of course, they are about 6 inches from you and probably screaming half the time while inside, but that is not the point here.  If you are in fact a wise soul and know how to make the most of everything that life offers, you will use said baby carrier in magical ways and save a lot of money in the process.  And the ticket puncher who is probably not thrilled with being at their job at the moment, probably doesn't have the energy to really check anything.  

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@Barrington_14's friends filled that carrier with Ccoca-Cola and nibbles and got into that theater without a blink from the ticket taker. The responses are full of people who are both critical and inspired, as is usual for the Internet:

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Watching that video actually made me wonder if there are rules about bringing a newborn into a surround sound theater. That's a terrible idea! I think we would all prefer to find someone's carrier contained a four course meal, instead of an actual baby.


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