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The Real Magic At Wimbledon Was Maggie Smith And Ian McKellen On A Wizard Date


Wimbledon is an amazing event that happens right in the middle of Summer, when Brits can put aside the rainy, dreary weather, put on their formal attire, and see the best tennis players in the world put their skills on full display.  They even got a great show a few years back, when Britains own Andy Murray became the first British man in the modern era to win Wimbledon.  It is the only Grand Slam to be played on grass and having played tennis before, I have no idea how someone can hit the ball off of grass, let alone as hard as some of these people hit the ball.  It would almost take a bit of magic, or wizardry. 

Which is a nice segue into what was happening in the stands on Wednesday at the tournament .  Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen went on a tennis viewing date in the Royal Box at Wimbledon, according to Mashable. It makes total sense that they're friends. Both English, both with honorary titles, both wizards. And they both really, really love tennis:

They seemed to be really enjoying one anothers company.  And who can blame them, it has to be a lot of fun being them and hanging out with them.  They seemed to really be getting into the action too.  Here they are doing, as far as I can tell, a seated wave: