This Couple Did An Adorably Awkward '80s Photo Shoot To Make You Jealous

This couple did an 80's photo shoot to make you jealous


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:32 p.m. ET

Steve and Danielle VanHorn are celebrating 10 years as a married couple, and were deciding how to do it. There are lots of ways to do that, like a fancy restaurant, a vacation getaway, or hey, how about an '80s themed photo shoot? That's what they picked together, so you know it was really meant to be. BuzzFeed reports that it was originally Danielle's idea, but he got right on board:

"In looking at throwback Thursday pictures on Facebook and old family photos we always get a big laugh, so we thought, why not do a throwback session?" he told BuzzFeed. "We've done Western photos at the beach since our first vacation together in 2003. Those funny pics line the hallways of our home and have included everyone from parents and kids to my 86 year old grandmother in law."
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I mean, who doesn't love the 80's.  Anytime there is something nostalgic revolving around that decade, you know high comedy is not far behind.  I wish I had more of a chance to live and appreciate the 80's.  It just felt like a time where trends were really starting to take their true form, for better or worse.  Of course, there was the Cold War, HIV epidemic and many other terrifying things that are associated with it, but I like to look at the bright side, like the neon colors, wispy moustaches, and tight, well, everything.  

Steve and Danielle definitely do the decade justice here with their photoshoot.  Most of their costumes were bought at a local thrift store for cheap, and then all they needed was to dress it up with some attitude. Also, Steve had to grow out a mustache.

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Its great to see people not take themselves too seriously and have a little fun at their own expense.  I am sure their family and friends got a kick out of this, as did the whole internet basically.  Sometimes, you just need to pop in a nice Richard Simmons tape, get your favorite spandex out (neon pink preferred) and just let loose a bit.  We are rooting for them to do a part 2 of the shoot, as the 80's can live on forever and there is endless opportunity to have some fun.  Kudos to these two and as always, the couple that plays together, stays together.


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