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The Hot Dads Of Disney Will Make You Book A Flight To The Magic Kingdom

By Aimee Lutkin

DILFs of Disneyland is a popular Instagram account that delivers what it promises: hot dads at Disneyland. BuzzFeed reports that thirsty fans were distraught when whoever is posting these gems took a nine month hiatus, but they're back and the dads are as hot as ever:

BABE spotted in Fantasyland 😍😍😍 #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dadsababe #dilf

A post shared by DILFS Of Disneyland (@dilfs_of_disneyland) on

Disney is already so magical, you don't exactly need all these smoking hot caretakers around to make your ovaries ache, but it certainly adds a little spice to an otherwise PG vacation. I will say that whoever runs this account definitely has a type. Sort of a Disney prince look, but with scruff. Maybe this is an insane thing to write, but I'd personally appreciate more diversity in my DILFs, thanks. 

Still, not bad: