This NYC Artist Transforms The Most Unlikely Items Into Street Art



There are few things cooler than seeing beautiful works of street art and I'm gonna tell you why: Because the artist isn't getting paid for it. There's no pressure from any external benefactors to do anything in any way. It's not like anyone commissioned this artwork to be made (not in a traditional sense, anyway). When it comes down to it, it's just some very talented individuals doing art for not only personal expression, but also just in the name of creating something new. 

Because the art is technically vandalism, oftentimes it doesn't last long and some city worker has to come and "clean" it up.

So that means pretty much every street artist is doing it solely out of love for the game, which is a beautiful thing. Something we just do not see in so many other walks of life, despite the necessary passion in countless other fields and hobbies. 

And for artist Tom Bob, that love shines through in their transformative pieces of art that turn everyday items into really cool works of art. Bob's artistry lies in seeing something beautiful in even the most mundane of things, and — to us, least — that's art at its purest form. And not only is it truly inspiring, but it has helped spawn some really incredible pieces. 

Like this innocuous electrical thingy:

Which was turned into this:

This drainage pipe...

Into a cute elephant.

These meters...

Into monkeys.

This grate...

Into a birdcage.

His art is pretty incredible.

Tom Bob also moved their art from the streets to NYC rooftops.

You can check out more of Tom Bob's work on their Instagram here.

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