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White House Alters Official Transcript To Clarify President Trump's Golf Record



Donald Trump plays a lot of golf. That might be the one thing all Americans agree on about him. That being said, we don't know if he is any good at golf or not. He owns a lot of courses and plays nearly every weekend, but he also doesn't think exercise is good for you. So, for a while there, it most definitely seemed like we may never get to bottom of this (like so many "mysteries" surrounding Trump's administration, if we're being honest). 

Of least that was the case... It sure seemed like it was a mystery we'd never have an answer to until newly appointed Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci’s first press conference where he said, among other things, that President Trump could sink a three-foot putt. Interesting thing about that statistic: It isn't impressive at all, if you ask me. 

Here's where the story gets interesting, though. In the official transcript that the White House released "three-foot" was changed to "thirty-foot," which is more impressive by about ten-fold or so. So now we're back at square one — where we have absolutely no idea what President Trump's golf game is really like now that there are two sources (that are actually the same source...) claiming vastly different things. So that's fun for us. We wonder what else possibly gets lost in translation from a press briefing to an official transcript... 

Anyway, back to golf: For those of us who remember, it's worth nothing that Kim Jong-Il once claimed to play a 38-under-par in a game that included eleven holes-in-one. Unlike the Donald, though, this happened the first time he picked up a club. 

The internet, as always, has some thoughts on this. 

Do you think we'll ever know for certain?

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