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This Family Wears Helmets To Support Their Baby Who Has To Have One On

By Aimee Lutkin

Sometimes supporting someone in your life creates a ripples effect. Gary and Shayna Gutierrez are parents to 3-year-old Camila and 4-month-old Jonas. BuzzFeed reports that Jonas was recently fitted with a head shaping helmet after doctors decided his head had become too flat from sleeping on his back. 

A few days later, Camila put on her bicycle helmet to show support to her little brother, who may or may not be feeling self-conscious about his new look. Gary decided to put one on as well. 

A relative tweeted a photo of the helmeted family hanging out in the kitchen, to the delight of the Internet:

The tweet went viral, and the replies filled with photos of absolutely adorable kids wearing their head-shaping helmets: