25 Pieces Of Common Wisdom That Actually Aren't True



One of the most common ways I start a sentence is with the phrase "Um, actually..." I love correcting people and it makes me the worst person at any party. Though that isn't entirely fair. People tend to find the first tidbit of information fascinating, and then turn on me after the fifth or sixth. 

I don't really understand why people react that way. Sure, no one likes being made a fool, but don't people like learning new and fascinating facts? Especially when it challenges your previously held beliefs? 

You clicked on this page, so I assume you get it. 

1. Big fish in a small tank.

2. Of course they would.

3. What a way to go out.

4. I do not have that dedication.

5. Ask your dog about their favorite color.

6. Phew!

7. Get it together, Pooh!

8. This is an important one to know.

9. Bugs has been lying to me!

10. No idea why so many people think this.

11. Still, please don't pee in the pool.

12. Save the ocean!

13. Just eat less.

14. You can look cool and suffer no consequences.

15. It's the best system, but it's still a terrible system.

16. Sorry. You will never have a thick beard.

17. But they've been together so long.

18. See? There is absolutely no reason to eat vegetables.

19. Same with fruit.

20. It is okay to be wet.

21. It is way too skinny.

22. We use all of it. That's why we have all of it.

23.Don't try and be an alpha male. They aren't real.

24. This is why it the northern and southern hemisphere have different seasons.

25. Preach!

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