This Huge Inflatable 'Trump Rat' Popped Up In New York City



Giant, inflatable rats are usually used by protesters outside of places that they have a problem with. They're somewhat of a staple, at least in Northern NJ and New York City, and I've seen them on more than a few occasions while just walking around and doing my own thing. Union workers seem to be fond of the giant rats and I can recall my first time ever seeing one, at first  I was bewildered and then I was just amused.

Owner of Bravin Lee Art Galleries in NYC, John Post Lee, decided to take a spin on the classic giant inflatable rat to reflect his "disgust" with Donald Trump's presidency.

And he did so by turning the former reality TV star into one of the enormous balloon rodents, and it was pretty glorious.

First, Lee gave sneak peeks of the balloon online, until he finally unleashed it on the street, much to the delight of everyone outside.

People immediately started flocking to it, snapping photos and selfies with the rat. It didn't take long for the enormous balloon to go viral.

Lee parked the caboose of his "yuge" Trump-Rat just a few blocks from Trump Tower, at 59th and 5th avenue.

It looks like the rat will be making the rounds through NYC.

People are already tagging the president in posts that feature photos of his giant rodent counterpart.

Trump Rat even got his own Twitter account, and it's pretty hilarious.

The rat was also created to welcome Trump back to NYC.

Turning the president into inflatable versions of small creatures is sort of becoming a trend.

The only difference is that Trump-Rat is really, really gross looking. The Trump-Chicken looks like it could be friends with Hello Kitty.

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