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This Collage Of All The Trends Millennials Are 'Killing' Is Cracking Twitter Up



I'm a millennial and I've noticed a lot of things about my generation that I don't like. I don't like the fact that we're over-educated and underemployed. I also don't like the fact that many peers I've met are entitled spoiled brats. I don't like that people's activism and demands for a better life begin and end with social media rants, passionate displays of expressions where the longing for a better, more fulfilling and meaningful life are rarely acted upon.

But, in defense of millennials, we're living in a much different time now. The quality of education in America has seriously declined because educational institutions rely on a business model that accepts pretty much any student and churns out degrees like they're giving our black belts at Tiger Schulmann's. Then there's the simple fact that everything costs a heck of a lot more: school, housing, property, property taxes, cars; adjusted for inflation and we're still getting reamed harder than baby boomers or anyone else in previous generations.

Yet, Millennials are still being blamed for "killing" just about every industry or business that's failing these days.

It's become somewhat of a running joke for everyone on the internet.

There are so many headlines accusing millennials of "killing" things off, that one woman, Twitter user @theindiaalto, decided to take action.

Turns out she wasn't joking.

She actually printed out all of the headlines and centered them around a traditional millennial dish: avocado toast. Note how the board looks like a collection of headlines a serial killer would keep as a trophy for themselves.

Twitter thought it was brilliant.

She even turned it into a T-shirt and poster.

What else are millennials going to be accused of destroying?

Everything, apparently.

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