These People Explored 16 Creepy Abandoned Places So You Don't Have To



Ruins are fascinating. They provide enough detail to see how the ancient world lived, but still allow you to use your imagination to fill in the blanks. What happened in the past at that specific location in an unknown place and time? Were people performing some type of Wiccan or Satanic ritual? Or maybe the ruin was just some dude named Dave's living room that got destroyed, somehow? We'll never know.

The thing is, though, that most people never visit them because they are scary as anything. They could collapse at any moment, or there might be some monster lurking there. It is easy to understand why some people would never want to go there. 

Fortunately, you don't need to. You can just read about other people's experiences and learn that they are exactly as scary as you imagined. 

1. I don't want to know what they were doing.

2. It wasn't a person. It was a ghost!

3. So long!

4. That'll scare these kids. Stay out of my drain!

5. Let's let the police deal with this.

6. That is one hell of a warning.

7. Do you want angry ghosts? Because this is how we get angry ghosts?

8. Not all sewer monsters are scary.

9. You might not want to click on that link.

10. You ruined his arson plans.

11. Yes, littering. Definitely littering.

12. Weed makes me sleepy too.

13. Her agreeing to this should have been your first red flag.

14. Cannibals!

15. You're high.

16. Please tell me you didn't touch anything.

Ruins are made creep, so explore with caution.

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