26 Beautiful Pictures That Will Make You Want To Plan Your Next Road Trip



I used to hate road trips. I just wanted to get where I needed to be as quickly as possible. I was of the mindset that it is about the destination, and not the journey.  I'm using the past tense here because it has become apparent to me I was just on the wrong road. I mean, they still got me where I needed to go, but they were possibly the most boring road I could have taken. 

Next time I go somewhere I'll be taking one of these roads. Even if it is way out of the way. 

1. That yellow car is going places.

2. A bicoastal route.

3. Where to?

4. Check out that horizon.

5. Even dirt roads lead to beauty

6. Can you spot the end?

7. Clouds can't hide this beauty.

8. How is this road so open?

9. What?

10. It's a jungle out there.

11. Is it hot or cold here?

12. Same question.

13. Where's the rest of that barn?

14. I spy something that begins with an M.

15. How do we get up there?

16. Just keep going straight.

17. Anyone want to go climbing after this drive?

18. Alaska is more than just snow.

19. It's really flat and then really hilly.

20. A road with all the colors.

21. Spooky.

22. Just some nice roadside flowers.

23. A chill road trip.

24. Imagine seeing this on your morning commute.

25. Roads in Iceland aren't icey. Get it?

26. Alas.

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