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Source: Instagram

Obama Chooses Artist For Coolest Official Presidential Portrait Ever

By Jaime Lutz

Barack Obama has chosen artist Kehinde Wiley to paint his presidential portrait for the Smithsonian, and it will probably end up being the coolest portrait of a president there (okay, Kennedy's is pretty cool, too). Wiley, who is the first black artist to paint a presidential portrait for the Smithsonian, paints black men and women in the style of classical paintings, often in front of a millefleur tableau. 

It's a pretty cool selection which should lead to one of the best looking Presidential portraits we've seen.

At work on a massive equestrian painting. #kehindewiley #brooklyn #process #equestrianportrait #contemporaryart

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And because the paintings are based on works from Renaissance and Baroque eras, many of Wiley's subjects are seen on horseback. Which might be a cool as hell choice for Wiley to make with Obama's portrait, even if it would result in some Republican eye-rolls. But hey we'd be here for it, he should totally go for that route if it works.