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Twitter Users Share Their Spooky Pennywise Pumpkins, And We're Creeped Out



The biggest reason why IT was such a success is because of the film's antagonist: Pennywise the Clown. I mean, he's just a terror to behold, and I'm talking about both versions. He's the perfect blend of creepy and believable. I mean who doesn't think clowns are at least a tiny bit weird? It's odd they're such a staple to phobias yet still remain a fixture of children's entertainment. We all watched bozo growing up and monsters like Pennywise find a creepy way to capitalize on that fear perfectly.

He's probably going to be the number one Halloween costume this year, which is just great for anyone who has a fear of clowns. They'll likely be at every single party. So brace yourselves.

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And because Pennywise's mug lends itself perfectly to anything spook-related, you can understand why a bunch of people are carving his face on their pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. These are just next level creative too. Not just his face, they went all out.

Sure, it makes perfect sense to make your pumpkin look as scary as possible, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Spooky...

Just, why, why are they doing this to me? They're just so hard to look at if you don't like clowns...

Like, I'm going to have to take my kid out trick-or-treating and see this friggin' glowing thing grinning at me in the middle of the night. No thanks.

Some of these are just too good.

And yes, on some level I admire their craftsmanship.

But that still doesn't change the fact that this damn clown's face is going to be everywhere.

And I'm finding that very hard to deal with right now.

I'll do my best to be strong, though.

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