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Source: twitter

Twitter Users Share Their Spooky Pennywise Pumpkins, And We're Creeped Out


The biggest reason why IT was such a success is because of the film's antagonist: Pennywise the Clown. I mean, he's just a terror to behold, and I'm talking about both versions. He's the perfect blend of creepy and believable. I mean who doesn't think clowns are at least a tiny bit weird? It's odd they're such a staple to phobias yet still remain a fixture of children's entertainment. We all watched bozo growing up and monsters like Pennywise find a creepy way to capitalize on that fear perfectly.

He's probably going to be the number one Halloween costume this year, which is just great for anyone who has a fear of clowns. They'll likely be at every single party. So brace yourselves.

Source: ABC | New Line Cinema