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People Are Actually Renting Grounded Private Jets Just To Look Fabulous On Instagram



People will go to some ridiculous extents to pretend like they're fabulous on social media and I'm not sure why. It's like, you know at the end of the day you're the same loser that works a job you hate while snapping yourself hitting a Yoga pose in some exotic location.

All while there are tons of different examples of Instagrammers stunting their photoshoots, there's one stunt that's becoming a common one among regular schlubs and celebrities alike. And that's pretending like you're about to board a private jet.

How can we forget the time Lil Bow Wow pretended like he was travelling to NYC on a private jet?

It's understandable why someone would lie about chartering a private flight. You can't board one of those bad boys without some serious coin. So the fact that you can afford it is pretty much proof that yes, you're ballin'.

But it doesn't take much to just appear like you have money, and this private jet company is letting people lie to their Instagram followers about boarding their exclusive planes for the low low price of $244 for two hours.

The Moscow-based company Private Jet Studio will give you a private photo shoot, with photographers and lighting equipment and stylists included, on a grounded jet to make it look like you're a high-flying baller. If you want a video, you'll have to cough up $434. If you just want access to the plane, it only costs $191.

Pretend like you're living a life of ease and luxury as you stare out of the window of a grounded plane, thinking about the imaginary important meetings and high-powered business deals you won't be attending.

Your pets can even get in on the action too.

Look, $244 isn't a lot to spend for a private photo shoot that includes a makeover. So even if you're not in the business of making everyone think you're a super rich mogul, it's still a pretty good deal.

But I can totally believe people would fork over their cash for some IG likes.

Want to look like you're heading nowhere in style, like this dude?

Or getting some help exiting your convertible by a jacked man who likes wearing black t-shirts with loose slacks.

Or maybe you want to look like a Siberian Ed Sheeran while reading a magazine?

It might seem like a pointless endeavor, but private jet photos do get lots of likes. And if you're trying to build an Instagram brand, $244 could go a long way in getting your more followers. 

So if you're in Moscow, or are planning a trip sometime soon that's not on a private jet and want to look fly-as-hell, maybe hit the Private Jet Studio peeps up.

Just make sure you pack your "I'm bored by this, no big deal" face when someone's snapping a photo of you looking all pensive while you're pretending to be uber-successful.

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