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Source: Twitter

Khalid Gets Some Love From Sam Smith And Harry Styles After #WeCanSurvive Concert


Khalid is an American rapper who's becoming a household name. Bursting on the scene in 2015, the 19 year old rapper has made waves with his unique sound. His big hit Young Dumb and Broke has been viewed over 450 million times making him one of the most viewed rappers of the year. It's a pretty big accomplishment for someone so young and new to the scene. So it's no doubt Khalid is a hot item and that showed over the weekend.

On Saturday night, CBS Radio invited all sorts of celebrities to play at the Hollywood Bowl for the We Can Survive concert, to raise awareness for breast cancer. Performers included Pink, Sam Smith, Harry Styles, and Lorde; but right now everyone is trying to be best friends with musician Khalid. I mean do you blame them? He's a cool guy who's only moving up in the world. Just look at this incredible selfie he took with Harry Styles:

And Sam Smith also jumped onto Twitter just to say how dope Khalid is. He must be so nice in the green room! We gotta admit we're a bit jealous but it's nice to see mainstream artist embrace Khalid cause his talent is so huge.