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Guy Tweets 'Racist' Corn Pops Box Art And A Massive Twitter War Erupted

Guy Tweets 'Racist' Corn Pops Box Art And A Massive Twitter War Erupted
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8 months ago

It seems like we're living in an overly touchy day and age where people want to scream "RACIST!" at the drop of a hat. Like yes, I'm upset that the dude at Taco Bell skimped out of my Fire sauce, but that doesn't mean he hates Muslims, as tempting as it is for me to accuse him of being basically a member of the KKK for mitigating my thinking-outside-the-bun session.

There are some moments, however, that have to make you think, and this Twitter user noticed something on the box of his cereal that definitely seems kinda racist.

Like the fact that the only brown Corn Pop in a sea of anthropomorphized Corn Pops is working as a janitor while every other bit of cereal is having a blast.

Saladin admitted that he might've been overreacting.

But Kellogg's took his response seriously and even admitted themselves that it was kind of a bad look.

It's pretty ridiculous that complex (and not so complex) conversations on racism erupted as a result of the pops box, but, here we are.

Of course a whole debate about the merits and social connotations of being a janitor began.


Then you had gems like this enter the conversation.

Others were just tired of the madness.

While some were looking at the box the right way.

So yeah, maybe it's messed up that the Corn Pop cleaning up after everyone else's mess is brown. But let's not forget that Kellogg's gave us this amazing corn-rows pun, in addition to delicious breakfast cereal. Thank you, Pops.

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