Weatherman Gives Report Holding His Own Head Under His Arm--Becomes Internet Hero



 There's something especially awesome about Halloween costumes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they allow us to be more than the average person.  So it makes sense that they'd go all out on a holiday that's all about dressing up. Mostly cause it's fun but definitely cause it's a great memory. It's always tough t come up with some clever ones and sometimes shopping in the costume aisle can be intimidating and picked over.  

Luckily for us, meteorologists have taken advantage of their green screens every Halloween for a few years now. Usually it’s some kind of print over a green morph suit. But sometimes we see some that go above and beyond your typical Halloween outfit and churn out something truly jaw dropping for us.

The true winner of best dressed weatherman this year was across the pond, which saw Met Office’s Alex Deakin as the fabled Headless Forecaster. It's probably the best on air Halloween costume we've ever seen. We have to give the weatherman props for being so clever.

They went all out this year at Met Office. 

Everyone else can go home because this is the real winner of this year's Halloween.

But how was such a feat even accomplished? Thankfully they didn’t leave us guessing for long and revealed how they pulled off the tricky magic. Crazy how much effort went into such an elaborate Halloween prank but we're glad the studios can be light hearted enough to mix it up. The last thing we want is just another boring forecast. There's nothing fun in that!

No word on whether they have anything planned for Christmas but we're very interested in what the crew may come up with for next Halloween. This one will be hard to top.

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