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Relive Your Childhood Lunches With a Grown-Up Twist--Whiskey Now Comes In Capri Sun-Style Pouches



We all had our own methods of opening Capri Suns. My preferred tactic of jabbing the straw in was to squeeze the pouch and put my thumb on the opening of the straw so I could pop it in without making a mess.

Other kids would just get frustrated and make a mess or had some less...elegant solutions.

As awesome as those little pouches of juicy goodness were, as an adult, you're probably not going to be going around carrying those bad boys with you. Or maybe you are, no judgment.

But in case you've outgrown drinking fruit juices on the reg and want a more adult beverage in a pouch, then there's a monthly Whiskey Delivery service called Whisky Me that'll fulfill your nostalgic elementary lunchbox pangs.

The service, which is currently only available in the UK and costs about $9.20 a month, provides whiskey lovers with a pouch of a different amber colored alcoholic beverage.

So why would you opt for Whisky-Me? Well, you're only getting "rare or exclusive single malt whisky" in each delivered packet.

Although it might seem kind of weird to sip whiskey straight from a pouch (I mean, you could pour it into a glass), there's at least a twist cap so you don't have to down it in one go like you would with Capri Suns.

For practicality purposes it makes total sense too. Shipping glass bottles is a pain in the butt and yes, they could've put the whiskey in a plastic bottle, but if you're going to go low-class with your whiskey shipping, you might as well make it low-class and whimsical to make up for it.

While Whisky-Me isn't currently available in the states, don't be surprised if more than a few of these start popping up online. There are tons of alcohol subscription box services floating around the internet, so it's only a matter of time.

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