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Source: getty

Barack Obama Showed Up For Jury Duty And People Were Pumped


Barack Obama has been living a pretty simple life after leaving the White House. The first thing he and former First Lady Michelle Obama did was take an amazing month long vacation. She was quoted as saying it was something they hadn't been able to do since he started his Senatorial Campaign. So it was probably pretty nice for the couple to be able to be normal for once. Cause believe it or not -- once you leave the office, you're just like everyone else. That means paying taxes, visiting the DMV, and yes even going to jury duty when you've been summoned.

Barack Obama arrived at the Richard J Daley Center in Chicago on Wednesday to fulfill his civic duty as a candidate for jury duty. And it created quite the stir with other would-be jurors.

Of course, he had to shake hands with everyone. It was probably a pretty surreal moment for most who were lucky enough to be on his jury as well.