Tomi Lahren Releases 'Dear Liberal Snowflakes' Poster--And It Backfired In A Big Way

Tomi Lahren's Dear Liberal Snowflakes poster is her latest attempt to troll the left. But it backfired.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 15 2020, Updated 3:10 p.m. ET

Ultra-conservative Tomi Lahren has been accused of parroting backwards ideologies she doesn't really believe in so she can further her own career.

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One of her rallying cries is bashing millennials and our current generation as a bunch of lazy losers looking for a handout. The trouble is, she forgets that nothing on the internet is ever deleted, and has been found guilty of the same "gimme gimme" mentality she accuses "lazy liberals" of embracing.

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And although she is no stranger to controversy, her latest attempt at a meme is getting her roasted mercilessly.

The image in question:

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Not the point, but did she truly sign off on this photo? It looks like she smelled a fart. I get that she thinks she's giving a "REALLY?" look of condescension but really she just looks like she needs a laxative or something. But looks aside, people on social media thought it was pretty rich of the former Blaze personality to point fingers at the liberal movement given how some conservatives are acting at rallies as well as on social media.

People immediately pointed out the hypocrisy in Lahren's message.

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They also shined some light on the "Liberal Snowflake" myth. Wait a minute — who are the fragile ones now?

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For those who don't know the coffee machine reference...

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I mean, she really should've taken two seconds to think before posting her meme. Because the photoshops were righteously brutal.

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People started ranking conservative "Lib-owning" movements.


3. Laying down in dumpsters to own the libs
2. Wearing diapers in public to own the libs
1. Destroying coffee makers to support a child molester but also to own the libs

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The message was clear: Better luck next time, Tomi.


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