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Source: Twitter

Twitter User Shares Seemingly Straight-Forward Coffee Riddle, And People Are Baffled


We've heard it time and time again. "This puzzle is so simple even a kid can figure it out!" Maybe it's something in a school kid's mind is more focused than adults but it always seems like kids can pick out the simple things adults often overlook. It's sort of uncanny but we should envy them for it. They must have much less going on up there than our jam packed adult minds. So when we saw this riddle we were taken aback by how simple it was.

Here's the coffee riddle from twitter user @_herbeautyxo that seems incredibly simple, but will get your brain twisted and craving caffeine in minutes. If you can figure this out without cheating, we'll give you props.

Which cup gets the coffee?

I've only had one cup so far today, and it took me awhile to get it. Many bold responders claimed they'd figured it out right away. We're a bit skeptical.

But they were denied.