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Source: youtube

Adorable Grandpa Misses Out On Huge 'Wheel Of Fortune' Payday--And Twitter Is Inconsolable


Till this day I still remember a trip I made to an ex-girlfriend's friend's house when we were all supposed to go to the beach. While everyone was getting ready, I was sitting upstairs with one of her pals, watching The Price Is Right. Don't judge, it was a bit part of our young lives.

One of the contestants was a sweet old lady and for those few minutes my ex's friend and I were sitting there, completely entranced by what was happening on the screen. All we cared about was whether or not this old woman was going to win a prize. And when she did, after hitting back to back amazing rolls on that big wheel and made it to the final rounds we were jumping up and down in the living room, absolutely stoked at this woman's good fortune. It's just something about watching them win.

Now it might have something to do with the fact that I just care about old people and want to see them happy, which is why this clip of a Grandpa blowing his shot at winning $1 million on a special episode of Wheel of Fortune is just so heartbreaking, and brings me back to the enthusiasm I felt on that summer day years ago.